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Passwords are Frustrating

We forget passwords all the time. There's nothing more annoying than getting the "Wrong Password!" alert.

Splikity is the Answer

Splikity automatically saves your passwords, syncs them to all your devices, and enters them on websites so you don't have to deal with them anymore.

And it's Simple to Use

Splikity is super easy to use. It's next-generation software that is built just for you.

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Splikity uses military-grade encryption so your passwords will be safer than ever. Only YOU can access them.
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All of your passwords, Safe and Secure

With Splikity, only you can access your passwords because Splikity uses military-grade encryption - not even Splikity has the key to your encrypted data. With Splikity, your passwords will be safer than ever.

You're a Target for Hackers

How do you manage your passwords? Do you write them down, use the same password, or save them to your browser? If so, your accounts are at risk online.

Splikity is your Defense

Splikity provides the security you need to keep your online accounts safe: it automatically creates strong, unique passwords for every account with our automatic password generator.

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Everything you need, anywhere you go.

You're on the go
We know that you're always on the go. You don't have the luxury of waiting to get home to find the password to pay that one bill. With Splikity, you don't have to wait.
Splikity goes with you
Syncing with Splikity is simple. Splikity automatically and securely syncs all of your passwords to all of your devices so you can access it everywhere.

Splikity works with:

Apple (Mac)

Simplify your life with SPLIKITY

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